Long course hole by hole analysis

Some pretty interesting data to peruse should you like to peruse data.

round one long course


In case you’re google deficient…

How to get there:

Get to I-20 (determine your directional need based on location)

Take I-20 exit 30 (Post Road)

Take a left off the exit ramp

Go until you reach Rte 166, take a right on 166 (7.5mi)

Turn left at Jones Mill Road (4mi) You will see Consolation Church sign)

Turn left on consolation church road (2.3mi)

Turn left at flyboy sign

Park past elevated basket


11am to whenever- Check-in, camping set up and course prep
Evening– Casual mixed doubles
7-8am– Check in and breakfast
8:15am– Briefing
8:30ish– Round 1 Rec-south , other– north
After R1– Lunch
After L– Round A Pro Am doubles south course
6pm ish– Dinner & party
8am-9am– Breakfast & quick brief
9am—Round 2 All south course
After R2– Lunch / Motherlode / Awards

Player’s packs

Everyone gets a player’s pack. Just because you are a pro doesn’t mean you don’t like free stuff right? Did you stop getting gifts for Christmas because you grew up? NAW…so enjoy. Nothing huge, but some nice and useful stuff.

Tuesday update…more awesome…need rec.

Can you imagine a tournament with a lack of rec players? That is what we have people!! Seriously…2 signed up. I really need a card here, Kelly, Phil Arthur, Bill Thornton, and Brad Orman have put some serious hours into this rec. course (Honestly, I think they enjoy it quite a bit, they keep playing it over and over). Besides…I am going to pay ALL REC women…so find your wishy washy kinda into disc golf friend and kidnap her for the weekend.

All moaning and complaining aside, let’s talk about the good stuff!!

Mr. Disc Golf-

Holy moly! Mother of all hook-ups here people!! Pint glasses, patches, stickers, visors, shirts, tons of discs…it is unreal. Thanks to Mr. DG we have added another 3 discs to the Motherlode AND a kick ass pink aluminum water bottle. This prize is the grand wizard of ridiculous!!

In addition to that we are going to have a hat or pint card CTP on Sunday…I know, 3 card CTPs already, it’s out of control…maybe we should just have Kelly fly over and just drop swag on the crowd? So hit the card ctp and choose between a Mr. Disc Golf visor or a pint glass. After the cards are turned in we will fill it for ya too.

Speaking of which, basic refreshments will be available (beer & wine) but if you wanna hit the hard stuff you will have to bring your own. Remember, not until the last card is turned in!!

Did I mention division winners are getting a bottle of champagne to celebrate with? Oh yeah…they are.

I hope to see some champagne showers.

We are up to 22 players!! 7 pros!!! Wow, have you ever played a C-tier where the pros triple the rec players??

The pot thickens…

As promised I have added $50 per pro. We have 5 pros signed up and the pot is sitting at $400. I dare you to make me raise it.

This is higher than most regular A-tier women’s payouts. Should I wash and wax your car too? 😉

New south course map!

Check it out!

rec course map